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Xtreme Talent Accelerator

Level up your tech career

Building a thriving career in the technology sector is an exciting decision. As North America’s #1 city for tech talent concentration, Ottawa is a great place to explore and build the career you deserve.

Welcome to the Xtreme Talent Accelerator, a complimentary program that offers industry-led tech workshops and career development support to help talent like you become Ottawa’s future technology leaders.

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What you get


Tech beginners and jobseekers (reskilling)

Through full-time workshops, learn ready-to-use skills in web development, cybersecurity, or data science. You will also be equipped with critical skills in resume writing, interviewing, communication, as well as access to networking opportunities, designed to help you land meaningful employment in Ottawa’s growing tech sector.

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Web development or cybersecurity or data science courses plus career services and a one year subscription to LinkedIn learned

Front-end Development (with React or Angular) or Back-end Development (with Node.js or Python) or Cloud Development plus career services and one year of access to LinkedIn learning

Tech workers (upskilling)

Through part-time live virtual workshops, take your skills in web and cloud development to the next level! And take advantage of having one-to-one career services and upgrade your “soft skills” in communication, networking, and personal branding to get ahead within your current organization.

If you work in a full-time position, getting your employer’s support is critical. XTAP is designed to help Ottawa companies build internal talent capacity and gain a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic market. If you are unemployed or working on a part-time basis, you can also be eligible. This program will prepare you to land the next full-time employment.

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What you get


Industry-led workshops and tech mentorship

Differentiate yourself by possessing the tech skills of tomorrow. Our workshops are led by industry leaders, ensuring that you will be taught ready-to-use skills that today’s tech employers are looking for. You will gain tech mentorship with seasoned experts to devise learning strategies for your aspirations and reality.

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One-to-one career services

Having the tech skills may not guarantee you a job opportunity or career advancement. Take advantage of having one-to-one career services and upgrade your “soft skills” in communication, networking, and personal branding to get ahead.

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Exclusive network and connections

Gain exclusive access to a peer network of tech professionals who share your experiences, challenges and will cheer you on. Our network also includes senior tech and HR leaders who will offer invaluable technology exchanges, career connections and insights.

Marketin insights team and an IO client

Marketin insights team and an IO client

At no cost to you

Have big goals but no budget to advance your career? The Xtreme Talent Accelerator is offered at no cost to accepted talent thanks to the support of the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development.


Our workshops support a wide range of career pathways and aspirations. Looking to get in tech? We offer workshops in web development to enable you to get that first job. Wanting to advance from your current role as front-end or back-end developer to full stack or cloud development? Our workshops might just be the ticket you need to get to the next level.

Tech beginners and job seekers Tech workers Note: All courses above include Web Development Fundamentals in CSS, JavaScript and HTML.
Tech workers Note: We currently do not offer cloud courses for tech beginners.
Tech beginners and job seekersLighthouse Labs logo Note: We currently do not offer cybersecurity courses for tech workers.
Lighthouse Labs logoTech beginners and job seekers Note: We currently do not offer data science courses for tech workers
Having just the tech skills is not enough to get you noticed and ahead; take advantage of our career services to learn the critical “soft” skills. You are required to complete the career development courses designed for your learning stream.
Tech beginners and job seekers
Employment Preparation
  • Personality Assessments
  • The Anatomy of a Strong Resume
  • Virtual Interviewing Skills for Job Seekers
  • Job Search Strategies
On the Job Skills
  • Tech, EQ & You: Exploring and Understanding Emotional Intelligence in Tech
  • Effective Communication in the Workplace
  • Designing Your Professional Digital Presence
  • Time Management
  • Mental Health on the Job
Ethics and Employee Advocacy
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Call it out: racism, racial discrimination, and human rights
  • Employee Rights in the Workplace

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Tech workers
On the Job Skills
  • Tech, EQ & You: Exploring and Understanding Emotional Intelligence in Tech
  • Personality Assessments
  • Virtual Interviewing Skills for Incumbents
  • Designing Your Professional Digital Presence
  • Time Management
Ethics and Employee Advocacy
  • Employee Rights in the Workplace

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All participants will receive:
  • A LinkedIn Learning subscription for one yearLinkedIn Learning logo
  • Access to 16,000+ online technical and non-technical courses
  • Options for self-serve or defined learning path based on your learning needs



Don’t count yourself out. We know situations are unique. If you’re not sure if you qualify for XTAP, don’t give up – get in touch with [email protected] to start a conversation and find out if the Xtreme Talent Accelerator is the right fit for you.

Tech beginners and job seekers

We invite you to apply if:

  • You’re unemployed, or
  • You’re working but your job is unstable, inconsistent, uncertain or less than 20 hours per week, or
  • Your family is living with low household income, and
  • You have no tech background (or limited knowledge), and
  • You have the ability and time (up to 60 hours per week for 12 weeks). See details in the workshop brochure of your interest, and
  • You’d like to build skills to secure a longer-term career, and
  • You’re a resident of Ontario, and
  • You’re 18 years or older, and
  • You’re a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Protected Person


Tech workers

We invite you to apply if:

Please note: Talent in senior management, executive position or those who have a controlling interest in a business are not eligible.

Career Development

Gain the essential skills to get noticed, get hired or get ahead. You will be partnered with a talent development representative who will help you drive your career forward.

Landing a position

  • Personality assessments
  • The anatomy of a strong resume
  • Virtual interview skills
  • Job search strategies

Advancing your career

  • Tech, EQ & you: Exploring and understanding emotional intelligence in tech
  • Effective communication in the workplace
  • Designing your professional digital presence
  • Time management
  • Mental health on the Job

Advocating for diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Call it out: racism, racial discrimination, and human rights
  • Employee rights in the workplace


Application may take 5-10 minutes to complete. You will be able to save your application and return to finish it later.
Still have questions or looking to learn more? Get in touch with [email protected] to start a conversation and find out if the Xtreme Talent Accelerator is the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any specific educational or career experience to participate?

For those who are looking to start a career in tech, there are no pre-requisites. If you already work in tech looking to upgrade your skills, there are pre-requisites for each of the workshops we offer. Please refer to the workshop brochures of interest for details.

Can I enroll in multiple workshops?

Yes, you may apply for multiple courses that you are eligible and qualified for to increase your chance of being selected. However, participation is limited to one workshop only.

What is the application deadline?

We have multiple workshops running concurrently, between August 2021 and February 2022. Please check our workshop schedule, when published. Applications are required at least 4 weeks before the start dates.

What is the time commitment?

It depends on the courses you take. Generally, it ranges from 20 hours a week for part-time for 10-12 weeks and up to 60 hours a week for full-time courses for 12 weeks. Please refer to workshop brochures for specifics.

I’m a manager, my staff asked me to endorse their participation in these workshops. What responsibility do I have?

he Xtreme Talent Accelerator is an industry-led skill development program that provides virtual technical training and career development services to interested talent in Ontario. Funded by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, this program is delivered to participants at no cost to them or their employers.

We ask employers to give their employees (once accepted) adequate time to complete the workshops. That time consists of roughly 20 hours per week of synchronous learning (attending instructor-led sessions and consultations) during business hours and asynchronous learning (group projects, reading assignments and other self-paced work that can happen during evenings and weekends) over 10 to 12 weeks.

In addition, we require that employers offer experiential development opportunities, such as job shadows or job placements, to enable on-the-job skills application.

How do you determine who is accepted for the workshops?

All applicants who meet the eligibility criteria can expect a three-step process:

  • A technical assessment for your preferred workshop(s) helps establish your level of competence
  • A virtual meeting gives you an opportunity to showcase your motivation for participating in the workshops, talk about your unique journey, and to get answers to any of your questions or concerns
  • A draw from a pool of equally qualified applicants using random selection. This ensures a fair and equitable selection process is used
More details about the selection process will be shared with you once you have submitted your application.

What happens after I complete the workshops?

For job seekers, you will have continued career coaching and networking opportunities to maximize your chance of landing a job. All graduates of the program will continue to have access to the Xtreme Talent Accelerator community for networking, exclusive events and peer support for a year.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the program?

Yes, all participants who completed the program will receive a certificate of completion and swag.


Designed and delivered in partnership with leading companies, the Xtreme Talent Accelerator Program (XTAP) is a next-generation skills development program that enables the creation of critical expertise required by industry today and tomorrow. It offers hands-on industry-led workshops, networking and career development support to help Ontario’s workforce reskill, upskill and seize new opportunities. XTAP aims to equip participants and hiring organizations with a competitive advantage in our dynamic talent market, accelerating time to hire, advancement and impact.



Our Funders

The Xtreme Talent Accelerator is made possible through the SkillsAdvance Ontario (SAO) pilot project, with funding provided by the Government of Ontario, Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development.

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