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fast track to sucess

The fast track to success

When your tech startup takes hold with early market traction, it may be time for IO Accelerator. Founders and their teams get expert guidance on finding product-market fit, securing funding, advice on building out major business disciplines, and access to specialized peer groups and timely market intel.

It’s a high-touch, milestone-driven program. Accelerator Advisors guide you through the aspects of your business where you may need support with product development, finance, sales, marketing, HR, you name it — all while helping you establish a foothold in a single market and move on to conquering many.

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Helping early-stage startups go the next-level.
Since 2018:


companies served

$78 million

capital raised


jobs created

Is IO Accelerator a fit for me?

When your business sees early-stage success, this comprehensive program will help you go next-level — to achieve product-market fit and be positioned for scalable growth. The IO Accelerator is a fit for you if:

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You have developed a minimum viable product (MVP)

You are able to demonstrate customer traction
(i.e. revenue or pilots with customers)

You have less than $2M in annual revenue

You are ready to invest time in following a high-touch, milestone-driven program

Invest Ottawa has been, so far, a major factor in our success. It gives us access to a pool of experts and each one is a specialist in their field. Whether it’s finance, strategy, sales — we have a pool of trusted advisers we can tap into. This type of expertise would be very expensive if we had to buy it. But not only that, it would also be hard to buy because most people aren’t interested in talking to companies like us.

Niek Van Dierdonck
CEO, Red Lore

What you get


Survival of the fittest

Over the years we’ve seen that the number one reason startups fail is a lack of product-market fit. It’s not easy to get right with many factors and external influences at play. Our experts guide you through this process to help create a scalable value proposition that resonates in multiple markets.

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Leverage the Capital Advantage

Applying for funding can be time consuming, frustrating and complex. When the time is right, we will connect you with angel investors and venture capitalists, and help navigate the complexities of funding programs, to help scale your business.

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Like having your own research team – without the expense

Firm up your growth strategies with intel on untapped markets, sales leads, and customer insights curated for you by the IO Market Insights team.

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Marketin insights team and an IO client

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Mindbridge Team

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Mindbridge Team

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Erin Seegmiller


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